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Coloured LED Light


Coloured LED push lights. Standard white lighting is already included in your luge but why not swap that out for a coloured 24 LED one!


Exacto Pourer


This pourer dispenses an exact 25ml measure. It will fit on most spirit bottles and not intended to be used with thick liqueurs.

Ice Balls


Our ice balls are perfectly round, crystal clear and melt at a slower rate than your standard ice cube. They come in packs of 8. Perfect for those spirit connoisseurs.

Ice Shot Glasses


These ice shot glasses come in packs of 10. Used exactly the same as a normal shot glass but colder and a lot more fun.

Pourer Stainless


This pourer will help you pour without mess down the luge or into one of our ice shot glasses.

Spin the shot


This fun little gizmo features a shot glass that sits on top of a spinning base connected to an arrow.
When it stops the person it points to drinks the shot.